Dr. Kim and Shelby pose in the operatory at Mortenson Family Dental in Independence, KY

Shelby’s Smile Makeover – Independence, KY

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Unfortunately, many of us are self-conscious about sharing our happiness with the world! 1 in 4 adults report they avoid smiling altogether due to the condition of their teeth. And with general anxiety on the rise, many of us aren’t keeping up with oral health due to financial concerns and daily stress.

At Mortenson Family Dental, we want you smile confidently. That’s why we’re proud to use the latest in dental technology and offer plenty of payment options that’ll help you achieve your smile goals.


Laser Gingivectomy

Shelby is a dental hygienist and patient at our newest office in Independence, Kentucky. She was always unhappy with her smile because of how “gummy” it was, but had never met a dentist who could help. Then she met Dr. Jinyoung Kim, who recommended a laser gingivectomy to reshape Shelby’s gum and create a nice smile line.

“I suggested laser treatment to shape Shelby’s gum because traditional surgery will produce a lot of bleeding and pain,” says Dr. Kim. “Using a laser instead of a surgical knife reduces bleeding and heals very quickly.”

Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive alternative to surgical procedures. It is used to treat gum disease because it decontaminates bacteria in periodontal pockets and delays the progression of gingivitis and periodontitis. Laser therapy is generally quick, often painless and requires only a single session to complete.


How was the procedure?

“The procedure was very easy honestly,” says Shelby. After X-Rays and an evaluation of her gum health, Dr. Kim had to numb Shelby’s gums. If you’ve had a filling before, you know this involves small injections of local anesthesia. Next it was time for Dr. Kim to get to work. Shelby says:

“To actually remove the tissue, she used the laser. From start to finish, it took about an hour. The ONLY uncomfortable part was when the anesthetic wore off and I was sore for about 30 minutes. Then it was as if nothing ever happened!”

Shelby's Smile - Before and After: Shelby underwent laser treatment to fix her "gummy" smile

Shelby’s Smile – Before and After

What about Aftercare?

The two greatest benefits of laser treatment are that it’s mostly pain-free and that patients’ gums heal much faster than traditional surgery. So Dr. Kim recommends patients take a break from brushing the area for about a week, stay away from alcohol and food that’s difficult to chew, and use a non-alcoholic mouthwash to keep the area moist and clean. Shelby’s gums healed completely in just a week!

I am so thankful that Dr. Kim did this for me because since then I have not been self-conscientious to smile at all!


If you’re interested in a smile makeover or even just a discussion about laser dentistry, we’d love to talk! Our doctors and teams stay current with advancements in laser dentistry by regularly attending continuing education courses, and are always happy to sit with you and talk about your smile goals.


Learn more about laser dentistry:


woman smiling and thumbnail image of "BEFORE" smile in corner

Smile Makeover Winner: Tori Pennington

With her wedding day on the horizon, Tori Pennington decided to attend a wedding show in Downtown Louisville. There she expected to gather some ideas about photographers, florists, caterers, decorators and gown fashion. But what she never would’ve expected was to win a smile makeover! Tori says that when she saw the Mortenson Family Dental booth and our Smile Makeover contest, “I thought I’d enter because if I won, I could get rid of my annoying yellow spot and gap.” “But,” she adds, “If I didn’t win … then oh well, I’d get some toothpaste, toothbrush and floss.” Now less than a month later and after just a few visits with Dr. Schuler, her smile is brighter and better than ever before!

Everyone’s complimented me on it. I posted a before and after picture on Facebook and I got several likes and everything. No one really surprised me with their reaction; however, I do find myself smiling a lot more while walking.


Tori’s treatment plan with Dr. Schuler involved two weeks of whitening, one filling and then a midline space closure with composite. A midline space closure is when a dentist closes a gap between two teeth, most commonly a patient’s two front teeth (maxillary central incisors). Dental composite is a type of synthetic, adhesive resin that dentists use to restore teeth or, in Tori’s case, close her gap.

Dr. Schuler was awesome! He was really nice and super funny!


Tori says the response to her new smile has been overwhelming and even her fiancé, who tagged along for her treatments, was happy with the results and surprised at how quick the treatment was. We asked Tori whether or not she was excited for her big day and she said, “Yes, I am super excited!”

I’m even more excited to get my wedding pictures taken with my new smile.


Before and After Tori's Smile Makeover

Congratulations, Tori. You look fantastic!


Mortenson Family Dental staff at the Shelby Touched Twice Clinic

Touched Twice – Day of Dentistry

On Saturday, March 12, our Mortenson Family Dental team donated a free day of dentistry to the 7th Annual Shelby Touched Twice Clinic, an event aimed at giving back to Kentucky’s communities. This yearly event coordinates with dozens of churches across our state to provide food, toiletries, spa visits, makeup, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, clothing, medical exams and screenings, vision care and dental treatment to local families in need of assistance. It was the 6th year that Mortenson Family Dental has participated in Touched Twice, which is part of a nationwide initiative to heal struggling communities holistically: both those serving and those being served.

Our team was able to see a total of 83 patients on Saturday, and provide 60 cleanings and 43 extractions. It was all in a day’s work for Beth Whitehouse, a team leader in Shelbyville, who says the reason she participates every year is “because it’s important for Mortenson to give back to a community that has given us so much in return.” She says, “This day stands for more than just the dentistry provided; it stands for an entire community donating their time and talents for its members who could use a helping hand.” According to Touched Twice, nearly 15% of Americans are uninsured. This means that for over 42 million people, there is basically a crisis happening in their own backyards. This day of donations and volunteer service proves that you don’t have to travel thousands of miles or spend thousands of dollars to help. All it costs is a few hours of your time to change the lives of the people in your community.

For Zachary Stevenson, who works in Patient Services, experiencing the clinic for the first time was “truly amazing and humbling.” He notes that everyone he helped was extremely grateful, but also that he was impacted greatly by the atmosphere of the day. This is where Touched Twice gets its name: both the people being helped and the people helping are “touched” by the experience.


If you’d like to donate items or volunteer your time for next year’s event, you can sign up on their website

Or to stay up to date on all that Shelby Touched Twice is doing throughout the year, follow them on Facebook.


Additional Stats:

591 Volunteers

80 Churches

29 Cities

402 Guests

107 Vision Exams

121 Medical Exams

92 Haircuts

75 Nails

144 Photos

43 Blood Glucose Screenings

Learn more about Touched Twice:

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