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I have a huge phobia of dentist in the first place so I’ve always been apprehensive and put off going to the dentist. I didn’t do myself any favors by avoiding to get the help that I needed.
When I first arrived they were quick to get me in and I explained my phobia and they couldn’t have been nicer😌 they were gentle they also really reassured me that they could help me.
That they would help me with the entire process especially the frustrating insurance lol
*The ladies continue to exceed my expectations ! They really have gone out of there way to make me feel comfortable! That’s priceless to me. God bless Dr Wilson & her staff . They really do make me feel like being comfortable actually matters to them.

😰They know im scared but they go above and beyond to help me relax. (Everyone wins) lol you won’t regret coming here❤

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