Mortenson Family Dental Shelbyville West – Brenna Jackson

I have been BLESSED with a WONDERFUL hygienist, Amanda. I don’t have the easiest mouth to clean. 😂 Every 6 months when she sees me, she grins from ear to ear. We quickly catch up on the last 6 months. Amanda really cares and does a GREAT job!!! Today I sparkle and will through Christmas and beyond! 🥰 Thank you, Amanda, for the FANTASTIC job you do! The rest of the staff is AWESOME, too. Always welcoming and glad to see you.
In the past, I dreaded going to the dentist. Now? I can’t wait! Inbetween teeth picking….we crack ourselves up! 🤣😂 LOVE MORTENSON’S!!!!!❤️
No! I didn’t get paid for this! hahaha

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