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    Mortenson Family Dental Springhurst – Sarah Magin

    I had such a great experience! My hygienist was Sarah Gonzales, she was awesome and energetic and I genuinely enjoyed her company. My dentist today was Dr. Ashton Samuels-Powell, this was my first time with her and I was blown away. She was conversational and funny while also being super thorough. She definitely cleaned some parts of my teeth that have been neglected by other dentists I’ve had. She also told me what I could be doing better in my dental hygiene routine which I really appreciated. I also loved that both Sarah and Ashton were interested in my upcoming wedding, so sweet that they cared enough to ask questions and even give a little advice. Oh and Beverly checked me out, she was terrific as usual. I love how she always remembers me and my family. All in all I had a terrific experience and I can’t wait for my next cleaning to update my new dental buddies about how my wedding went!

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