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    Am I experiencing a dental emergency?

    At Mortenson Family Dental, we provide emergency dental care for our patients when they need it. Oftentimes, patients aren’t sure what constitutes a dental emergency. It can be hard to know if a toothache means you need immediate attention, or can just schedule a normal appointment. It’s important to know the difference so that you don’t prolong your window of getting treatment, which can make the situation worse.   

    What is considered a dental emergency? 

    According to the ADA, dental emergencies are potentially life threatening and require immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding and alleviate severe pain or infection. This can include things like:

    • A bad toothache.
    • An injury in which a tooth or teeth have been knocked out.
    • A tooth abscess that’s infected.
    • Pain from post-extraction surgery or dry-sockets.
    • Severe tooth pain from decay and/or dying pulp.

    Other common instances that can require urgent dental care but aren’t emergent include:

    • Objects caught under the gums or between teeth causing pain and swelling.
    • Tooth chips, fractures, or lost fillings.
    • Loose orthodontic wires or other dental appliances that are cutting into the cheeks or gums.

    What should I do if I have a dental emergency? 

    When it comes to dental emergencies, Mortenson Family Dental offers emergency appointments for patients who need it. Simply schedule online through our scheduling portal or call the practice directly. If you are ever unsure if what you are experiencing is a dental emergency, you can also call our office and speak to your dentist. They will be able to decide what route is best for your situation.