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    University of Kentucky College of Dentistry

    Dr. Hamzah Mehmood (Dr. Mood) graduated from Rutgers University, where he received his degree in biology. He then obtained his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. He holds memberships with the Indiana Dental Association, American Academy of General Dentistry and American Association of Women Dentists. Dr. Mood has a passion for aesthetic dentistry and is proficient in oral surgery and prosthodontics. His mission in his dental career is based on a quote he lives by, “Giving is a huge part of life and you don’t need to be rich to be charitable. Your happiness is worth more than anything you will ever own. So even a smile can be charity.”

    Dr. Mood enjoys traveling and spending time with loved ones, as well as music and attending shows in his free time. He enjoys outdoor recreation, with his favorite being kayaking.

    2052 Harris Pike #54
    Independence, KY 41051
    (859) 898-2255