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    University of Louisville School of Dentistry

    Dr. Jayme Meyer is from Taylorsville, Kentucky. She attended Georgetown College in Kentucky where she majored in biology before graduating from University of Louisville School of Dentistry. Dr. Meyer prides herself on going the extra distance with her patients to create positive relationships by making each patient she gets the opportunity to work with feel comfortable and at ease. She enjoys the artistry and creativity of dentistry and has been inspired by many dentists throughout her career who were both experienced and loved by their patients — something she strives for with her own patients. In her spare time, Dr. Meyer enjoys cooking, exercising, traveling and spending time with her family. She and her husband, Shaun, have 15 nieces and nephews!

    Hikes Point
    3946 Taylorsville Road
    Louisville, KY 40220
    (502) 895-2218