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    University of Louisville School of Dentistry

    Dr. Josh McAlpin grew up in Somerset, Kentucky, where his father was a dentist. He attributes his desire and passion for becoming a dentist to his father. Dr. McAlpin attended Somerset Community College before finishing his undergraduate work at the University of Louisville and eventually graduated from University of Louisville School of Dentistry. Dr. McAlpin has spent many years working in dental offices, including other Mortenson Family practices, gaining experience and increasing his dental knowledge. His ultimate goal is to make patients feel welcome and happy with their smile and even describes himself as “a bit of a perfectionist.” In his spare time, Dr. McAlpin enjoys working on cars, home renovations, camping and spending time with his family, which includes two daughters, Bella and Leighton.

    Forest Green
    10031 Forest Green Blvd
    Louisville, KY 40223
    (502) 412-7587