Dr. O. Wayne Mortenson

Dr. Mortenson was born and raised in the small town of Elfrida, in Southern Arizona. He received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in agriculture. After working for many years teaching, farming and for Ralston Purina, Dr. Mortenson and his wife Sue decided it was time for a change, and moved the family to Louisville, Kentucky, so that he could attend dental school. The farming bug never left Dr. Mortenson though, and you will still find him most weekends, and any chance he can get, working at his farm in Oldham County. After graduating from The University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 1979, Dr. Mortenson opened his first dental practice in what was then a small town Middletown Kentucky. Dr. Mortenson’s kids can remember him anxiously counting the bricks on the outside of his office building in excitement and anticipation as he attempted to determine the building’s size after renting it. That practice has now expanded to 31 offices, thanks to Dr. Mortenson’s great vision, and has treated thousands of patients over the years. Patients of Dr. Mortenson say that it is his caring personality and kind nature that make him such a great dentist. When his practice first opened, Dr. Mortenson saw patients and Sue worked at the front desk. With a lot of hard work and determination the Mortensons have built their practice over the years from those first few initial patients to the many thousands they serve today. They have also been privileged to have all four of their children enter the field of dentistry in one way or another. Dr. Mortenson is a qualified member of the Crown Council. He was instrumental in putting together the Mastermind Group, an association of the leading dentists in the country, and recently recognized for its excellence. Dr. Mortenson has received numerous awards for his charitable work including, the Garth Brooks Teammates for kids award.