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    It’s Earth Day!

    Let’s celebrate by doing our part and performing “Acts of Green” around Savannah and Coastal Georgia/South Carolina!

    What are “Acts of Green”?

    • Reduce your Ecological Footprint (all of the biological materials consumed and all of the biological wastes generated by that person in a given year)
    • Buy local produce – Visit your local Farmer’s Market for seasonal produce!
    • End Junk Mail – It’s annoying and it negatively impacts the environment. Unsubscribe from any unnecesary direct mail you receive.
    • Recycle your E-Waste- Thousands of old electronics are tossed into landfills and pollute the environment. Make sure to recycle your electronics!
    • Stop using disposable plastic – Start by using refillable glasses.

    For more ways you can help preserve our Earth, visit